Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beginning of Winter

Here is our details for our new Winter time circle:

Day Plan
Week 1
Mama time:
            I place myself steadfastly into existence
            With certainty I tread the path of life
            Love I nurse in the core of my being
            Hope I lay into all my doing
            Confidence I impress into my thinking ~Steiner
Wash face, get dressed, put on Apron

Boys wake up verse
            The light opens up
            And I walk in
            The day invites me to begin.
            I ask the day “How shall I start?”
            It says, “With a wish upon your heart.”


Breakfast (options: oatmeal, fruit, eggs, toast, biscuits)
Clean Up Verse:
            I meet my work with strong limbs
            Open hands and warm heart

            “Let’s put on our mittens.
            And button up our coat
Wrap a scarf snugly,
Around our throat.
Pull on our boots,
Fasten the straps,
And tie on tightly
Our warm winter caps.
Open the door…and out we go…
Hopefully soon we shall see some snow.”

Visit front trees, notice shapes how the leaves are gone, visit garden, weed, harvest as necessary, check hillside vines. Engage the senses. Feel the winter plants, smell the cabbages, taste the greens in the garden, listen for birds

Winter Verse:
            Jack Frost was in the garden, I saw him there at dawn
He danced around the bushes, he pranced about the lawn.
He had a cloak of silver, a hat of shimmering white.
His wand glittered with stardust, his shoes were sunbeam light.
I saw Jack in the garden and now I want to know.
Where I can find him hiding, I’ve hunted high and low.
He’s lost his cloak of silver, his hat of shimmering white,
I found his wand of stardust
And his shoes of sunbeam light.
Winter song:
            The Holly and the Evergreen
            When they are both full grown
            The evergreen stands tall and strong
            The holly wears a crown
            Oh the sweetest ripe red berries that have ever been known
            Are offered by the Wintergreen while the Holly bears her crown.
Prepare to go in verse:
            Birds in the air
            Stones on the land.
            Fishes in the water
            I’m in Earth’s hand.

Heading back inside verse:
            To my house, I find my way
            And with my blessed Angel stay.

Begin morning verse:
            Good morning dear Earth,
            Good morning dear Sun,
            Good morning dear trees,
            And flowers everyone.
            Good morning dear Beasts,
            And the birds in the Trees,
            Good morning to You.
            And good morning to Me.

Mulberry bush Circle song:

Clapping song:
            Clap your hands so quickly
As quickly as can be,
            Clap your hands so quickly
            And clap your hands like me

            Wave your hands so slowly
            As slowly as can be
            Wave your hands so slowly
            And wave your hands like me

            Snap your fingers quickly
            Quickly as can be
            Snap your fingers quickly
            And snap them just like me

            Roll your hands so slowly
            As slowly as can be
            Roll your hands so slowly
            And fold your arms like me.

Counting game:
            Five little Inuits by the igloo door,
            One went out to feed the dogs, then there were four.
            Four little Inuits rowing out to sea,
            One jumped on an iceberg, then there were three.
            Three little Inuits making fish stew,
            One burned his finger, then there were two.
            Two little Inuits hunting just for fun,
            One chased a baby seal, there there was one.
            One little Inuit all his work done,
            Went home to supper, then there were none.

Bean Bag game (give everyone a bean bag)
            Rainbow verse (tossing back and forth in rainbow arch, CURVE line form)):
            Red and orange and yellow and green
            The rainbow’s 7 colors have a bright shining sheen
            Light blue, indigo, violet all told
            At the end of rainbow is a pot of gold.
Counting Song:
            This old man

Circle Stomp:
            Brave and True will I be
            Each good deed sets me free
            Each kind word makes me strong
            I will fight for right, I will conquer wrong.
            Crack, crack,
            The rock we hack.
            Quake, quake,
            The mountains shake.
            Bang, bang,
            Our hammers clang,
            In caverns old
            We seek the gold.

Standing Still verse:
            Golden in the garden
            Golden in the glen
            Golden, golden, golden,
            September’s here again.

            Golden in the treetops
            Golden in the sky
            Golden, golden, golden
            September’s passing by.

            Scarlet in the treetops
            Crimson on each bough
            Red and yellow tumbling down,
            October’s with us now.

            Morning mist arising,
            November chills the wind,
            Crackling brown leaves underfoot,
            Now winter must begin.

            Frozen crystal water,
            Sleigh bells brightly ring,
            Silver skates across the pond,
            December’s time to sing.

Goodbye to Autumn Song:
            Autumn Goodbye x2
You may no longer stay
Winter is on its way
Autumn goodbye x2

Falling down song:
            I’m a little snowman, short and fat
            Here is my broomstick, here is my hat
            When the sun comes out, I melt away
            Down, down, down, down, - OOPs! I’m a puddle!

Snowflake song:
Oh where do you come from, you little flakes of snow
Falling, falling, softly falling on the Earth below.
On the trees and on the  bushes and on the
Mountains afar,          
Tell me snowflakes do you come from where the Angels are.

Closing Verse:
            May I enter this day with clear thoughts
            Kind words,
            Open heart,
            And gentle hands.

Welcome the children each by name with a handshake and hug.

Continue with number lesson for Grade 1 from A Little Garden Flower math book. Number introduced: 7 VII
Riddle: For this one you will get with ease, Each morning we greet these, In each week there are only seven, What a magical number from heaven. (days of the  week)
Sentence for Main Lesson Book: “There are VII days of the week”
Go over the names of the days of the week.
Go over the 7 colors of the rainbow

Invite Button to make snack while we finish lesson.

SNACK TIME: (Button rings bell) cheese, crackers, fruit, juicy tea,

            There was an old lady tossed up in a blanket seventeen times,
            As high as the moon,
            And where she was going no mortal could tell
            But under her arm she carried a broom
            “Old lady, old lady, old lady,” says I
“Wither, ah wither, ah wither so high?”
            “To sweep the cobwebs from the moon,
            But I’ll be with you by and by”


Lesson A: Flute (feather, lit candle, wrapped flute)

Sing Thumbkin:Where is Thumbkin? Pointer?Long Man?Ringman?Baby?

Take flutes out

Warm with breath blow open end, finger holes.

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum Is What We Play With Just Our Thumb                 

When our pointer comes to play, thumb and she sing Hip Hooray

Continue work on “Blessings on the blossom”

Clean flutes with a drop of oil in the mouth piece

Cleaning Rod in, spin, and out.

Reverently put flutes away.


Clean up

Lesson B: Story time with Handwork Lesson:

Make a calendar, work on Christmas gifts,

Put supplies away.

Gather children in a circle, Holding hands.

Closing verse:
            Warm our hearts, Oh Sun, and give
            Light that we may daily live.
            Growing as we ought to be
            True and good and strong and free.