Friday, September 2, 2011

Fast post about Poppie

Poppie is a stick puppet that I made to teach German in Grade 1 this year.  The instructions were very roughly posted HERE.

Any time I have tried to speak German to the boys, they cover their ears in disgust. They say, "Mama.  We don't understand you.  Stop it. That's not how we talk!"

But Poppie.  Oh how they LOVE Poppie!! She speaks only German and gets very shy when she doesn't understand what you're saying.

So they boys have been excited to learn German so they can talk to her.  When they sing her Welcome Song, (to the tune of Frère Jacques):
Wo ist Poppie
Wo ist Poppie
Ich bin hier
Ich bin hier
Und wie geht es Ihnen
Ich bin schones danke
Gehen weg
Gehen weg

She pops out of hiding and is ready to tell a story, or sing more songs.

I am not at all fluent in German.  Thankfully, I have had many many patient German friends and teachers in my life who have helped me with my wretched grammar.  But, I love learning German. I love German people and I love speaking German.

I hope that my love and respect for all things German will carry me through any mistakes that I'm bound to teach the children.

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  1. That is sooo cute! What a great idea. We are going to do some German in grade one too.