Monday, September 19, 2011

Homeschool Week 3

 Here's a glimpse of what we're doing today:

Day Plan
Week 2
Mama time:
            I place myself steadfastly into existence
            With certainty I tread the path of life
            Love I nurse in the core of my being
            Hope I lay into all my doing
            Confidence I impress into my thinking ~Steiner
Wash face, get dressed, put on Apron

Boys wake up verse
            The light opens up
            And I walk in
            The day invites me to begin.
            I ask the day “How shall I start?”
            It says, “With a wish upon your heart.”


Breakfast (options: oatmeal, fruit, eggs, toast, biscuits)
Clean Up Verse:
            I meet my work with strong limbs
            Open hands and warm heart

            From my little home I go
            To share love with all I know
Visit front trees, notice shapes, visit garden, weed, harvest as necessary, check hillside vines. Work on fairy house. Engage the senses.

Autumn Song:
            Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow x2
            Do you or I or anyone know how
            Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow

Autumn Song:
            Blow wind blow,
            And go mill go
            That the miller may grind his corn,
            Then the baker will take it 
            And into bread bake it
            And bring us a loaf in the morn.

Squirrel Poem (do movements):
            Whisky, frisky hoppity hop,
            Up he goes to the tree top!
            Whirly, twirly round and round,
            Down he scampers to the ground.
            Furly curly what a tail!
            Tall as a feather, broad as a sail!
            Where is his supper? In the shell.
            Snappity crackity, out it fell!
Prepare to go in verse:
            Birds in the air
            Stones on the land.
            Fishes in the water
            I’m in Earth’s hand.

Heading back inside verse:
            To my house, I find my way
            And with my blessed Angel stay.

Begin morning verse:
            Good morning dear Earth,
            Good morning dear Sun,
            Good morning dear trees,
            And flowers everyone.
            Good morning dear Beasts,
            And the birds in the Trees,
            Good morning to You.
            And good morning to Me.

Mulberry bush Circle song:

Clapping song:
            Clap your hands so quickly
As quickly as can be,
            Clap your hands so quickly
            And clap your hands like me

            Wave your hands so slowly
            As slowly as can be
            Wave your hands so slowly
            And wave your hands like me

            Snap your fingers quickly
            Quickly as can be
            Snap your fingers quickly
            And snap them just like me

            Roll your hands so slowly
            As slowly as can be
            Roll your hands so slowly
            And fold your arms like me.
Bean Bag game (give everyone a bean bag)
            Rainbow verse (tossing back and forth in rainbow arch, CURVE line form)):
            Red and orange and yellow and green
            The rainbow’s 7 colors have a bright shining sheen
            Light blue, indigo, violet all told
            At the end of rainbow is a pot of gold.

Circle Stomp:
            Brave and True will I be
            Each good deed sets me free
            Each kind word makes me strong
            I will fight for right, I will conquer wrong.

Standing Still verse:
            Golden in the garden
            Golden in the glen
            Golden, golden, golden,
            September’s here again.

Autumn Song:
            Yellow the bracken, Golden the leaves             
            Rosy the apples, Crimson the sheaves
            Mist on the hillside, clouds gray and white
            Autumn Good Morning, Summer Good Night. (lean over touch toes)

(While still bent over)
            I wake from my sleep
            I stretch to the sky (reach up)
            Jump out to the world (jump out with arms and legs)
            I'm ready to greet the day (Jump with arms and legs back together)

Apple Tree verse:
             Up in a green orchard there is a green tree 
             (Standing up, open hands from navel to sky.)

             The finest of apples you ever did see.
             (Open arms to horizontal and open palms, facing downward.)

             The apples are ripe and ready to fall,
             (Ball up fists and hang "heavy.")

              And here is a basket to gather them all.
             (Open fingers as you drop arms to interlace hands into a basket, plop onto the floor)

Closing Verse:
            May I enter this day with clear thoughts
            Kind words,
            Open heart,
            And gentle hands.

Welcome the children each by name with a handshake and hug.

Tell the story of the Prince’s adventure from Christopherus grade 1 curriculum.

Invite Button to make snack from what has been prepared for him while #1 & I introduce the pictures to #1

SNACK TIME: (Button rings bell) cheese, crackers, fruit, apple cider,

            There was an old lady tossed up in a blanket seventeen times,
            As high as the moon,
            And where she was going no mortal could tell
            But under her arm she carried a broom
            “Old lady, old lady, old lady,” says I
“Wither, ah wither, ah wither so high?”
            “To sweep the cobwebs from the moon,
            But I’ll be with you by and by”


Lesson A: Flute (feather, lit candle, wrapped flute)

Sing Thumbkin:Where is Thumbkin? Pointer?Long Man?Ringman?Baby?

Recall story of Quon.

Take flutes out

Warm with breath blow open end, finger holes.

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum Is What We Play With Just Our Thumb                 

When our pointer comes to play, thumb and she sing Hip Hooray

Straight and Proud the Old Chief Stands, Placing the feather in Quon’s hand

Clean flutes with a drop of oil in the mouth piece

Cleaning Rod in, spin, and out.

Reverently put flutes away.


Clean up

Lesson B: Story time with Handwork Lesson: Autumn’s Warm Blanket
Cut some more squares to prepare a blanket for stitching
             Old mother Twitchet had one eye
             and a long tail that she let fly.
             And every time she went through a gap,
             She left some tail in the trap.

Put away sewing supplies

Gather children in a circle, holding hands.

Closing verse:
            Warm our hearts, Oh Sun, and give
            Light that we may daily live.
            Growing as we ought to be
            True and good and strong and free.


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