Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4 - Grade 1 Homeschool

This week will be a continuation of what we have already been working on.  Arbuckle is loving his flute time so much that we are keeping this on the schedule for another week.

This week we are going to try again with knitting.  He hasn't seemed to show my passion for knitting, but tonight he asked if he could do a stitch of a project I'm working on.  So I know he wants to do it.

I'm really going to take this very gently and slowly.  I have some new verses that I believe will breathe new life into the task.

In our curriculum story, the Prince gets a golden star for each of the vowel sounds (will link to a Steiner lecture for more in depth description of these 'angel sounds').

I made a set of stars from copper and stamped the vowels onto the stars. Each time the Prince gets a star- Arbuckle gets a star, too!

I made him a little leather pouch to place his stars.

This has been very magical for him.  He loves holding the star and remembering the sounds that these letters represent.

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