Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Scalene Brothers

This may help give you some inspiration in your Form Drawing block working with all those straight lines!

Feel free to adapt the story so that it is relevant to your family. 

I made up a story about the Scalene Brothers: a big, middle, and little brother who had a magnificent garden. 
(I drew each brother as a different size straight line on the chalkboard and a round garden with straight rows)

They also had magnificent intruders to the garden who would snatch their cabbages and tomatoes. 

Each brother had a different idea of how he could fend off the invaders. The Middle brother thought he could fight the critters but there were too many (and the bunnies were awfully cute). 

The baby brother (who didn't always think things through) wanted to destroy the garden so that there would be no need for intruders...

But, the wise big brother decided that in order to stop the intruders they must do it together. 

So, the rested well during the day and when nightfall came...

The brothers held hands around the garden. 

I drew a short line from top to bottom on the left side of the garden and a reasonably length line across the bottom and a very long line across the other side to form a Scalene Triangle! Of course, I didn't point this fact out to the boys that it was a triangle of uneven sides and blah blah blah.. But, who knows- when it's time for real geometry, they will already know these brothers!

Now. Do you want to know what those same brothers did when they wanted some juicy apples and needed to climb the tree?

The two bigger brothers leaned against the tree and the baby brother scooted up between them to the top and together they made A LADDER!

I hope my craptastic chalkboard drawings will inspire you that it doesn't have to be perfect to speak to your child. This was a fun lesson and my Arbuckle received it with open arms and love!

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